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Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Today there exist mainly four types of vacuum cleaners in the market. They perform the same function but it is just the features that are different. They are all unique in their own way to help you as the user to get the vacuuming job done well at your convenience. You will get to choose a vacuum cleaner depending on the kind that is can perform they way you would like it to. The following are the four types of vacuum cleaners.

The first one is the handheld vacuum cleaner which is the most common type. They are designed to be held by the hand to enhance easy movement and help with reaching even the hidden corners. They can be used in houses and even cars because they are available in even in very small sizes. There are also different designs in the market that you get. In addition the most loved thing about these handheld vacuum cleaners is their adaptability feature. Discover more about vacuum cleaners.

The second type is upright vacuum cleaners which also top the list of the most bought and used vacuum cleaners in the market today. They are preferred by many households because it gives the most thorough vacuum cleaning of tough stains. The results are always very exclusive and that is why most people will go for them. It also has features and modes that is easy to use in terms of carpet cleaning and also uncovering floors.

The third type of vacuum cleaner is the canister vacuum cleaner. They are very user friendly that resembles both the upright and stick vacuum cleaner models. They are also very strong and the results that they offer are also very good. The only unique feature is that they have got a casting that is very thin and you have to join it with a canister when you are doing the vacuuming job. You can get canisters of different designs and with the most recent technology. This has made this type of vacuum cleaner very common among professional cleaning companies. Learn more about the Bissell BigGreen Commercial.

The last type of vacuum cleaner is stick vacuum cleaner which happen to be least powerful of all the vacuum cleaners that are available in the market. They are very good to be used in narrow spaces where the other vacuum cleaners cannot get to fit. And they are also good for cleaning of hardwood floors, light carpets and even rugs. The name is derived from the fact that it has a long stick handle and a thin design.

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